Tangan saya, Cerita saya

SSSSUPP everyone im back, whatever, who cares haha. I know, i know i've been slacking on my blog, life's been pretty busy lately. hoiyahhhh I'm sitting here in front of my computer since i've not been here for a long time. So firstly of all, i have an important announcement to make, which is that this date 26th of May.... was my last day to be working at Mcdonald's PKNS. Well, now it is my turn, for another reason, im holding my promises to indicate my last day of work. What a last day of work it was. I was a total wreck most of the day, as there were lots of good-bye in order haha. Its hard to believe that my life as a career woman is coming to an end hahaha. What a sad day since starting fr tmrw i will not be waking up in the morning to start the day in the usual way and wait however maynnn i feel good cse no more waking up in the morning, i tell ya siapa je yg nak bgn pagi pagi? wehh that is not-so-me weh haha

Evetho genap 5 bulan aku kerja, but it feels like a year im working over there. I cannot count how many times ive waken up every morning and said "malas nya nak pergi kerja harini, sumpah mcm tak nak pergi kerja" but today is my last day, and eventho these last few weeks have felt like "lamanya", but i can say that i feel so happy and bersyukur for my time here. I've learned a lot of things at this job, lagi lagi how to stay patient w customer and what i saluted to the most w this job is they taught me how to work so properly mcm how to be serious by doing something. Anyhow i really enjoyed to be working here and no such thing as i realised to be here w them. All new friends of mine was so-thumbs-up they're really sporting person. I swear to myself i wont forget them till ai dai CEWAH haha

I have created a thousand memories at this place. K lah nothing much to says here so..... infinite thanks to managers and all the crew for an excellent treated by uolls, thank you so much for everything, for those who made my life sooooooooo meaningful, for the treating, for the laughter, and for the tears of joy. To those who helped me, i sincerely thank you so much I just cant how to explained to let them knew how much i want to says THANK YOU for everything. 

"To those who don't love their day jobs, believe that they are always teaching you something and preparing you for bigger and better things"

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