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Hi. It has been awhile i didnt update my blog. Bukan awhile lagi dah tapi a long time. Im currently busy with my life i guess, ini pun aku tengah cuti sem, thats why im writing and sitting over here cse idk what to do right here. Movie? Hmm kind of bow-rayng

Okay lets start to my main stories. 31st of October 2013 was a very emotional day for me which i had my last day for my 1st sem in KMPh. As far as im concerned, i just couldnt stop crying cewah. Its hard for me to believe that im ending my 1st sem as well. Yes it's only been a few months, but i can honestly say that each and every one of us have gotten along really well. We've had many ups and downs and we've had so much drama for this semester, but time and time again overall we're still a family, no matter how much we annoyed and irritated each other. Anyhow Alhamdulillah evntho my SPM results was so-so but Allah still give me the opportunity to continue my study. I also got an offered from semua semua lah but i rejected cse they offered me with the course that i never imagine and dreaming abt, not even once, never! but Alhamdulillah again he gives me the alternative way, the matriculation center. So i am here now in Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang as known as KMPh. Been knowledge as Account stream which the subjects are mathematics, micro economy, business, accounting so do English. I am the second intake one actually, sanggup tolak any tawaran sbb nak masuk matriks juga haha kbye. I came here on awal bulan 6 2013 and attended lectures and classes the very next day, and it's kind of hectic.

I was somehow in the midst of confusion when i decided to go Kolej Matrikulasi Pahang. It seems like my friends were the main factor i choose KMPH. With an undecided mind, i asked a lot of people opinions and the conclusion is "pergi sebab minat dan boleh bawa dan bukan sebab lain" That was my problem, what is my interested then? haha. Blurred and confused. It was such a last minute decision i tellya

Ok then aku ingat lagi my very first time to be here in KMPH  serabut mak hang. Benda yang I was totally afraid ialah first time duduk asrama hengkoooo. Once I arrived matriks tu, i saw there are so many people yg registered for their self and TBH im so blur and miserable on my first day. Can you imagine? I'M ALL ALONE AND I DONT KNOW ANYONE WHO COULD LEND ME A HAND IF IM IN TROUBLE. BECAUSE THERE'S no one i know from Pahang NO ONE i reapted NO ONE. Then after about settled my rooms and settled my things and went to ate with family for the last time, then its time for me to leaved out my family. Broh I was crying so hard with non stop for a week and wanting to leave here asap but im not give up at all, i motivated myself decided to give it a try after class starts as i cant determine whether this college is good or bad... and lama lama it turned out to be quite :)

Cerita pasal bilik, there were 4 person in each room, and me was so lucky because of my roommates were all malays. 2 of them were first intake which means they are consider seniors for a week, hence they helped me a lot on my orientation but the saddest thing i am all alone an accountant students and the rest are Science students. New terms were introduced which aliened me all the time. No more "cikgu" "kelas" "loceng".... etc. We were introduced to terms like lecture, labs, tutorials, credit hours, fellows and the self learning system. Though, i just couldnt manage to focus on those activities beeing carried out, maybe no study mood because i was still confusing whether to stay or leave. 

I cant talk too much, stories too much cause alot of stories to tell so. Memang banyak benda i already faced there dalam 2 semester, baik aku susah senang gembira sedih putus harapan stress pengsan broken hearted, ponteng class, makan banyak, kurus balik, tak tidur, ketawa kuat kuat, karok tak ingat dunia, buat jahat, buli orang, kutuk cikgu, rindu rumah, makan nasi ayam setiap masa, outing, naik bas rapid, lepak ecm, kuantan parade, lepak TC sampai 5 pagi, tertinggal bas, gaduh dengan bitch yang namanya Tasya, tidur tak pernah cukup, makan donut, tgk live streming kalau MU main, makan burger, masak maggie, study pukul 3 semua benda lah okay.

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